Financial Statement

Accounts preparation needn't be costly

Old information is useless information

You need to be self sufficient on a day to day basis

Preparation and maintenance of financial accounts can be a real burden for most businesses, but our goal is to make it as easy and hassle free as possible, leaving you to run and grow your ventures with confidence knowing everything is taken care of.

Annually we will format your financial statements to comply with the Companies Act, Income Tax Act and the Financial Reporting Act, prepare the income tax returns and minutes; dividend statements if appropriate, and ensure that your statutory records are kept up to date.

One of our priorities is to get you as self sufficient as possible with your own accounting system, to prepare basic information, help compile your monthly GST and generate financial results to assess your progress, preferably against a budget.

TBAG will help you set up your systems to achieve this.



"There is nothing more certain than Death and Taxes."

TBAG can help you to be self sufficient in day-to-day tax compliance such as PAYE, Fringe Benefit Tax and GST, and we are only a phone call away if you have a question.

We will take responsibility for the preparation of your income tax returns whether as an individual, partnership, company or trust.

We will take responsibility to notify you of all tax payments due throughout the year well in advance of their payment date.

We will also assist in planning your taxation affairs, with access to expert advice if required.

As a client of TBAG, you will be a member of our income tax agency, and we will maintain your relationship with the IRD on your behalf.




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Ongoing Support

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