Strategic Advice

It can be lonely at the top

Who helps you make decisions?

Where do you go for objective advice?

Deciding on your next move, understanding how to position your business in tight markets or looking for the next big opportunity?

The scary part of business is simply BEING ALONE when making important decisions.

We recognise that business owners often procrastinate because they have no trusted advisors to use as a confidential sounding board.

TBAG is your trusted strategic advisor, an objective and impartial partner -  there when you most need reassurance.

Our aim is to share with you our many years of experience in advising businesses similar to yours.

All businesses are unique and your business will be unique.  However, all businesses have similar business problems and there is a very good chance that we have worked through a similar issue with someone else.

You often know the answer yourself but just need confirmation that you have made the right decision.

Often monthly or quarterly meetings with you will give you the confidence to lead your business.


Succession Planning

How will you exit your business?

Who will buy it?

How will you get the value that you believe is there?

Many business owners run their business for today. They don't realise that it is important to plan for the future and create a business that can be purchased.

Does the business rely on you? The answer is often "no" but the reality is yes!

Succession Planning may be a 3 year process. It may involve investment in new people, processes and systems and your balance sheet may need grooming to prepare it for sale.

Find out what is involved today.

TBAG will help you prepare the business for handing on to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, with an orderly and smooth transition.


Buying and Selling Businesses

Is it time to sell?

Need to grow - and an acquisition is an option?

Been approached by a purchaser?

How do you start the process without your staff, customers and competitors knowing that you are selling?

With the right advisor, you will learn that there is a logical process. We understand each step of the process and will work with you to achieve the best possible result for you.

The whole process is stressful and can be very costly if you get it wrong - both in financial terms and the time involved.

Having TBAG work with you without the pressure of success fees allows you to know that you are receiving experienced, objective and independent advice.

We have experience in assisting in the sales of family owned businesses to private, public and overseas companies.

Our business advisors will carefully assist you in preparing your business for sale, with a comprehensive set of accounts, and indepth assessment of its true value, or help you evaluate your next opportunity with a proper scrutiny of potential before you commit and sign on the dotted line.


Business Valuations

Are you aware of the true value of your business?
There are times when you need to know what your business is worth:

when shifting shares into a trust

when selling some of your shares to a staff member or family member

when considering selling the business

It is not worth starting any negotiations with a potential buyer unless you have some idea of what the business will be valued at by an independent - as they will employ one to advise them!

We can give you independent practical advice about the value of your business, either by way of a formal business valuation or we can provide a more informal guide for the value of your shares.

TBAG offers a discrete and independent valuation service, allowing you with confidence to understand what your business is worth and assert its true value in discussions and negotiations.


Trusts & Wealth Protection

Think you need a trust?

You have a trust - but are not using it?

Is your trust sound?

There are many reasons to form a trust. There are also many trusts that are formed and ignored or administered incorrectly.

Let us advise you on the creation of your trust, review the trust that you have in place and ensure that your trust is serving its purpose.  Let us help you, as Trustees, to ensure that your trust complies with all relevant legislation and is governed correctly.

We are Trustees for a number of client trusts and understand the issues that arise in dealing with family wealth.

We will work with your lawyers to ensure that the wealth that you have created is protected and administered in accordance with your wishes.


Trouble Shooting

Things are going wrong

You're making a profit but don't have any cash

You don’t know what to do

When a business is in trouble it can be hard for you, as an owner,  to see the wood for the trees, especially when you have a great deal riding on your business being successful, for yourselves and the wider family.

Having an independent overview can be extremely helpful for you, as owner, when planning an objective future course for the business.

We have had many years of experience helping businesses identify the unique issues that affect them. What we have found is, although every business is unique, they can often have common business problems which we have seen many times before.

TBAG welcomes enquiries regarding financial trouble shooting and assisting with finding solutions to underlying accounting and structural problems in business.



Accounts and Tax

Accountants preparation doesn't need to be costly. 
Let us help you be self sufficient on a day to day basis.


Ongoing Support

No need for clerical staff but no pay roll experience?
We could be the solution.