Outsourced Accountant

Do you require the skills of an Accountant or CFO, but aren't quite ready to commit to the full time salary? Would you rather outsource the entire role? If so, then maybe our Outsourced Accountant service is the answer.

More and more of our clients are asking themselves a question – do they really need an in-house accountant or financial controller – how else could this function be performed? 

With our Outsourced Accountant service, we take away the stress and worry involved in recruiting a competent and skilled CFO, or accountant. We develop a process whereby we can act as your entire accounting function, from bookkeeper to Chief Financial Officer - without the need to pay for full time positions, and all the other associated costs of employees.  

It may be that you already have an accounts person with good bookkeeping skills, but they are not well equipped to undertake the more complex finance functions, such as preparation of monthly reports, budgeting and cashflow forecasting.  Or you may not have anyone on your team with who has finance or accounting skills.

We can act as any part of this function, or take it over as a whole.

If you would like to explore this more, please give Martyn or Sudhir a call to discuss how we can work with you and your staff to ensure your business has the finance team that it needs.


and Back Office Support

Don't want to have clerical staff?

No one with payroll experience?

We could be the solution you are looking for.

We can provide you with a "back office" support team to ensure that your admin and payroll is both cost effective for you and efficiently handled.

We act for a number of local and overseas companies who do not wish to outlay the cost of hiring administration staff in New Zealand to attend to the payment of accounts and payroll in New Zealand.

If you have no in-house clerical staff or no one with payroll experience, we can provide this service for you.

Our “back office” support ensures that "your admin" is both cost effective and efficient.  We can process all your invoices, ensuing that all invoices are authorised by you beforehand and custom tailoring our systems and reports to suit your business. 


Corporate Secretarial Service

Is your Registered Office at your home?

Did you know that you are meant to maintain a Minute Book there along with other Statutory Registers?

Let us take all the “mumbo jumbo” out of the corporate requirments.

We will:

• File your Annual Return
• File your Financial Statements
• Act as your Registered Office
• Advise the Companies Office of changes
• Prepare Minutes for you
• Maintain your Company Registers on your behalf
• Assist in incorporation of companies

For overseas owned companies we offer a complete corporate secretarial package.



It can be lonely at the top.
Who helps you make decisions and objectives?


Accounts and Tax

Accountants preparation doesn't need to be costly. 
Let us help you be self sufficient on a day to day basis.